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Arise Summer Tour '15

Join us for 10 exciting days of exploring the land of the bible and see where it all happened. Show God's love for the people through practical outreach projects and experience firsthand what God is doing in Israel today. Find new friends from all over the world as we pray, worship, learn, laugh and experience Jesus together.

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Grafted - young people blessing Israel

Grafted wants to be the forerunners for the Kingdom of God. To “ready” the young princes (young adults) worldwide to respond to His word and go ahead of the battle! 1 Kings 20:17 “The young officers of the provincial commanders went out first.”
The same God who spoke to Ahab in 1 Kings is gathering an army of young adults today to run first with vision for the purposes of God in these days. As young adult Christians we are commanded to stand with and pray for Israel as God has not forgotten them Ps 122: 6 “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, May those who love you be secure.” »


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